Father’s Day

If you have your Dad in your life, yesterday was the perfect opportunity to spend time with him. Granted, you should do this as often as possible. Don’t wait for Father’s Day to finally show your dad how much you care for him. I hate these ‘days’ like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or Valentines Day. I don’t need a special day to show my love and appreciation for my parents or my wife, it’s something I do often. You should too.

Yesterday was a great day. I got to spend the day with my wife, 3 kids and my parents with amazing weather at our cottage. Despite the weather being unbearably hot, I’ll take a hot day with my dad than without.

I know that I often take for granted that I have both my parents in my life. They are a healthy and (mostly) happy couple with 40 years of marriage behind them. The past few years, we’ve spent a lot of time with my parents. We’ve been to Cancun twice and Punta Cana once. We’ve made some lifelong memories. Memories my kids will take with them long after my parents have left this Earth.

It’s been almost a year since my dad lost his mother. My grandmother was almost 93 when she passed and it was that moment that really made me step back and appreciate that I have both parents in my life. My mom lost her dad in 1982 and her mom in 1993. My dad’s father passed in 1994.

If you still have your dad in your life, make sure you tell him how much you love and appreciate him. There will be a time when you can’t make that call or say those words and you’ll wish you did it sooner and far more often.