The World Has Gone Mad

Over the last week, I read about a story about a young man that lost his life last year unexpectedly. A tragic situation.

A friend wanted to hold a celebration. Get some people together, pay their respects and let off some balloons in memory.

Then the shit hit the fan.

People that didn’t know the young man had the nerve to criticize the way these people were memorializing their friend on Facebook. See, Facebook makes everyone brave sitting behind that screen. They went on about the dangers that balloons pose on our wildlife…even the danger that balloons pose to donkeys. Yes, I said donkeys. There were endless amounts of posts to tell someone how to memorialize their friend. No class at all.

While there’s no doubt that plastic or balloons have an adverse effect on our environment. I agree with the message but completely disagree with how that message was conveyed. It lacked class. It was awful to hijack a post about a dead child. You’d never consider interrupting this memorial to share your opinion.

Social media has caused too many people to become brave and lack the understanding of ‘time and place’. Just because you’re sitting at your computer and have the time, doesn’t mean it’s the right place to share your comments.