You can’t make everyone happy.

I’ve tried. I have gone to extreme lengths to try. We all have. Guess what? It’s time to stop trying.

As a leader in business and on the sports field, I’ve gone over-and-above to bring about positive change to my workplace and for my teams.

It doesn’t matter how much revenue you generate at work. Someone will be unhappy or jealous that it wasn’t more or will criticize on your methods for achieving that success.

It doesn’t matter how many wins your team had this year. It doesn’t matter they only won 3 games last year and they won 25+ this year, someone will be unhappy about a practice session, something you said in the locker-room or the lack of perceived attention to their child.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve started to watch a lot of content from a wonderful and inspiring man, Gary Vaynerchuk. For those of you who don’t know Gary, he’s a business man, motivational speaker, marketing guru…the list goes on.

Gary is different. He swears. He doesn’t dress the part. He doesn’t talk the talk. There is no bullshit with Gary. I honestly feel that when I listen to him. If you haven’t yet consumed his content, go now!

As a father, husband and coach, I often second-guess myself. I spend far too much time thinking about what others think of me and my actions rather than something more productive. I haven’t always been like this. There was a period of about 10 years after my son was born that I didn’t give a crap about what people thought. Can I go back in time and bottle just some of that complacency?

Some of us spend far too much time doing things for the sake of pleasing others or to avoid being judged in a negative fashion. We put our own convictions aside to take the path of least resistance with the hopes of making everyone happy.

In the end, this path only leads us down the road of being unhappy with ourselves. Stick to your plan. Hold strong with your own ideas and opinions as we’re bound to upset someone in the process but at least that person won’t be us.

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